Enabling use of convert

Maverik only reads and writes images in PPM or PNG format, however by downloading the ImageMagick library you can enable automatic conversion of most image types.

You can download precompiled binaries of ImagickMagick utilities from www.imagemagick.org or you can compile and install from the sources.

Installing ImageMagick

Make sure cygwin jpeg, tiff, png and zlib options are installed. Download ImageMagick-5.3.0.tar.gz (or more recent) from www.imagemagick.org. The configure file can fail on the CPP checks (it looks for /lib/cpp and can't find it), so

EXPORT CPP=/usr/bin/cpp
before running configure:

configure --with-x=no --with-perl=no

You might want to have a cup of tea whilst it chugs away...

make install

(Pop the kettle on again...) This installs the ImageMagick libraries, headers and utilities under /usr/local (make sure /usr/local/bin is in your path).

No changes are needed to Maverik, applications or application Makefiles.