Enabling Tile Rendering

Note that the Tile Renderer only works with OpenGL, and not the Direct-3D version of Maverik

Download tr-1.1.tar.gz from www.mesa3d.org, gunzip and untar.

Making tr-1.1

Edit the Makefile CC and CFLAGS lines:

	CC= gcc


(you get 1 unused variable warning).

Recompiling Maverik

If you didn't use the TRINCL and TRLIBS options in setup, edit the top level Maverik Makefile adding:


	"TRINCL= -DMAV_TR -I/home/keatesm/tr-1.1"\
	"TRLIBS= /home/keatesm/tr-1.1/tr.o"\

to the "make libs" section (replace /home/keatesm with the directory where tr-1.1 is installed).


Changes to an application

Add -lmav_tr after -lmaverik on the application Makefile link line.

Add #include "mav_tr.h" after #include "maverik.h" in your application and a call to mav_TRModuleInit (); after mav_initialise ();

You should now be able to dump oversampled/oversized images using ctrl-F3.